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Client Testimonials

I highly recommend Wildcat Defense. The instructors are very knowledgeable, patient and passionate about what they do. I took the basic class so I could learn to be comfortable around guns and for self defense. After taking the class, I feel more comfortable and confident about handling my gun. Can't wait to take the other classes!

Angel Druse

I was petrified to even touch a gun and I just completed the basic pistol class. The instructors were patient and encouraging and by taking this class, I feel more comfortable around guns. I would absolutely recommend them!

Cheryl Jones

I learned how to operate my pistol today, Jeff and Kevin are very good instructors. Very nice and patient also.

William Wilkins

Awesome class, just completed basic pistol class and would highly recommend this course for anyone.

Stacey Luck

Jeff and Kevin worked with us as a group and on an individual basic. I learned so much from them and feel everyone can benefit by taking this class. It certainly makes me more confident in defending myself...especially in this day and age.

Pat Stevens

Had a AWESOME time today in class. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants some hands on training from very skilled instructors. I learned so much. I will be coming back for other classes. Thank you Jeff, Mark and Kevin for a wonderful day. I learned so much!

Jan Morning