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We review of shooting fundamentals, learning how to recognize pistol and ammunition malfunctions and how to clear them quickly, improving trigger control, multiple target shooting drills, and balancing speed and accuracy.

Not a NRA certified class or a beginners class. It is a class designed for students with shooting experience or training. Shooting fundamentals are reviewed and students are introduced to some of the basics of defensive shooting. Using dummy ammunition & live ammunition students learn to clear pistol and ammunition malfunctions quickly and learn how to practice to improve trigger control to improve accuracy.

They also learn how to recognize trigger control problems. Students are introduced to drawing from a holster, shooting multiple targets, shooting steel targets, turning and shooting on the move, and having to respond to multiple threats. Each shooting exercise induces additional stress to shooting quickly while maintaining defensive accuracy. This is a eight hour class.

Students must have their own semi automatic pistol with an outside the waistband hip holster and at least two magazines or a revolver with an outside the waistband hip holster and speed loaders, plus ear and eye protection. Students can schedule a 4 hour private training session for $150 by calling or emailing us.


  • Advance Beyond Handgun Basic Skills: Learning to Recognize and Clear Pistol and Ammunition Malfunctions, Advanced Shooting Drills Designed for Better Trigger Control and Follow Through, Drawing from a Holster, and Learning to Balance Speed with Accuracy
  • 8 Hour Course, Shooting Approx. 200 – 250 Rounds
  • Individual Training is Available @ $150 4-5 Hour Training