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This class teaches you to safely draw a semi automatic pistol from concealment and fire a controlled pair of accurate shots within two seconds. It introduces the student to shooting under pressure and learning instinctive operation of a semi automatic pistol.

Not an NRA certified class or a class for inexperienced shooters. This class involves learning to shoot as fast as you can safely while maintaining combat accuracy, defending against multiple threats, assessing your surroundings, and basic tactics of a gunfight. You will receive instruction on the fundamentals of shooting, drawing, safe holstering, and how to clear any type of ammunition or pistol malfunction by instinct to get the gun back in action fast.

Learn how to move while shooting, defensive reloads, and emergency reloads while moving or behind concealment or cover. You will be shooting at different distances. This is a class designed to teach you the basics to build your skills to a level that exceeds the vast majority of handgun owner’s skill level.

It adds the element of additional stress through timed drawing and shooting to what is taught in the NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home Course. Students must have taken the Intermediate Pistol Course, or other training to qualify for this class. They may be required to demonstrate their ability to operate their semi automatic pistol safely while shooting against the clock through a brief shooting qualification.

Students must have a semi automatic pistol of 9mm caliber or greater, a strong side hip holster, a two magazine holster, You must also have eye protection and ear protection so that you can hear range commands to maintain a safe shooting environment.

Cost of $75 does not include cost of approximately 350-400 rounds of ammunition.


  • Mental Preparedness, Mind Set, Drawing from Concealed Holster, Rapid Follow-up Shots, Controlled Fire, Speed Drawing, Timed Shooting, Multiple Target Acquisition, Clearing Malfunctions Against Time, Movement, Use of Cover & Concealment, Assessing the Area for Threats, Tactical Considerations
  • 6 Hour Class Involves a lot of Shooting (approximately 350-400 rounds)
  • Pre-Qualification of Students Required
  • Students Must Bring a Semi-Automatic Pistol of 9mm Caliber or Greater, a Strong Side Hip Holster, a Two Magazine Hip Holster, Three Magazines