pagelogoLearn how to operate revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, learn about different ammunition types, care & maintenance, practice operating unloaded pistols, learn shooting stances, proper fit, proper grip, five fundamentals of accurate shooting, & live firing exercises applying the proper fundamentals of shooting.

This all day class teaches you how to operate almost any rim fire or center fire pistol. You first study the parts of revolvers and semi-automatics, then you practice operating them with unloaded guns, learn about matching ammunition to pistol and type of shooting, then move to the range and go through drills to learn the proper fundamentals of shooting a pistol.

This class provides a solid foundation in gun safety and the operation of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Even if you are an experienced shooter, but have never had formal instruction, this course will help get you on track to more accurate shooting.

Students can bring a pistol or they can rent a pistol for $50 plus tax.

The course fee does not include cost of 100 rounds of ammunition.

4-5 hour private course available $150.00


Handgun Parts, Safety Rules, Handgun Grip, Shooting Stances, Sight Alignment & Aiming, Trigger & Breathing Control, Clearing Handgun Malfunctions, Pistol Cleaning & Ammo Storage, Choosing the Right Gun Practice Drills: Magazine & Chamber Checks, Loading & Unloading, Stance, Grip, Aiming, Dry Firing, Clearing Malfunctions, Live Firing Drills Students Can Rent a Handgun, Ear, & Eye Protection

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We can provide a pistol for an additional fee.